Pray for Russia


This morning, I was reading the news, and my heart broke for the current adoption situation in Russia. According to a recent bill approved by President Vladimir Putin, Americans will no longer be able to adopt Russian orphans , leaving hundreds of thousands of innocent children to pay for a political catastrophe. This motion is a result of dissension between US and Russian governments over human-rights violations.

EvenĀ  though the United States has been a top foreign country for Russian orphans to go, Russia feels they could find suitable homes for the multitude of orphans within their country.

As an international adoption agency, our goal is to place children in loving Christian families, and any hindrance to this is a call to fervent prayer. We hope you will stand with us and pray God opens the door for these children to find homes.


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Note: An Open Door Adoption Agency does not currently have an adoptionĀ  program in Russia.