Jumping in With Both Feet

Laughing with an adoptive family!

What do you say when you are completely overwhelmed by the grace and wonder and joy of Jesus Christ? I think all you can say is thank you, Lord,

Last night, An Open Door celebrated adoption. We went all out, pulled all the stops, blew up all the balloons, and brought possibly the most incredible person I have ever met to Thomasville. Over mashed potatoes and tomato bisque, we laughed, shared stories and heard families share about their adoption stories, from Georgia all the way to Ukraine. Bob Goff was our guest of honor, and if you have never heard of him, do yourself a huge favor and go buy his New York Times Bestselling book Love Does now. Bob Goff is full of life, full of power, full of joy and overflowing with Jesus, and he poured joy like a waterfall in our little town last night.


He asked tough questions about what was important in our life, what we were filling our bucket with and were we choosing to play it safe instead of jumping with both feet into the lifelong adventure of loving others, of loving kids who need love. He said we were all invited to live an incredible life, but even more than that, we were all welcome.

When we picked Bob up at the airport yesterday, he was carrying a long cylinder holding what looked like a poster (either that or he had stolen the Declaration of Independence). all afternoon I was curious about what was in the cylinder.

Later, while Bob was speaking, he started talking about castles. He pulled a huge sheet of paper out of the cylinder, revealing the blueprints for building a castle. He said if you want to learn how to build a castle, you could refer to the blueprints, but if you want to build a kingdom, you were  going to have to think differently. You see, castle are built to keep you safe, to keep the bad guys out with moats and guards, but kingdoms are structured to welcome people in with bridges instead of barriers, This is the kingdom of God, not that we play it safe and never jump into the adventure of loving with our whole hearts, but that we throw off the weights that so easily entangle us and run (with joy) the race set before us. We are building a kingdom that lasts, and this kingdom begins with children.

He pulled a small square mirror out of his bucket at one point and told us how when his kids were younger and feeling discouraged, he would get their mirror  put it front of them, an say, “Let me tell you about YOU.” to his sons, he would say, “You are a man of valor.” To his daughters, “You are a woman of virtue.”

Who will place the mirror in front of a child who has no one with whom they belong? Who will build them up like fathers do, and who will  hold them close, like mothers do?

I was so excited to meet my favorite author!!

Last night, we celebrated adoption, but we also were honest. There is much work to be done, there are many waiting children, and we at Open Door are jumping in with both feet. We are done thinking about it, waiting for it, or planning for it. We are following after Jesus and his heart for children with everything we’ve got.

Are you with us?

To find out more about supporting our agency, visit http://www.openfutureendowment.com

To find out more about Bob Goff, visit http://www.bobgoff.com

To find out more about adoption, visit http://www.opendooradoption.org


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