Sincerely, Sarah: Proud to be an American

sincerely sarah


It’s a word we toss around flippantly. I’m free to do whatever I want. I love free stuff. America, the land of the free. 

As I’ve been anticipating the 4th of July and all the festivities that surround this great American holiday, I’ve been thinking about how freedom and adoption are related. I love this country. I wasn’t born here, but I’m an American girl, through and through.  That’s what’s amazing about the USA. It’s a culmination of every nation, every language, every race and every culture. It was founded as a safe haven for persecuted christians, and to this day, people come here by the droves seeking opportunity, hope and solace. Many families go to another nations and adopt children and bring them here so they too can have possibilities they might not have in their place of birth.

I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if my parents had not adopted me from Russia. I would not have had the opportunities I’ve had here, the freedom to choose so many things, the hope of making a difference in the world. All of that has happened because I’m here, because someone went there and brought me here. I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t think the old US of A has it all figured out, and I’ve been to other nations that could teach us quite a bit, but especially in light of the deluge of bad news we are inundated with on a daily basis, I want to encourage you to think twice this 4th of July.

Think about how blessed you are to live in a nation where you are not persecuted for your faith.(No matter what you may think you are going through, a victim of the terror in the Middle East would likely tell you that you are NOT being truly persecuted). A nation where you can read your Bible without fearing for your safety. A nation where you can pursue education and receive medical care and feel safe walking down the street. I know this isn’t a perfect country and there is much corruption and evil, but if you live in the USA, it is where God has put you right now and He will protect you and provide for you–and the least we can do is be grateful. The news tells us we are doomed and that the world is’t what it used to be, and maybe that’s true, but take heart! This is a great nation, a nation where many people, including internationally adopted, children find hope and freedom and peace.

So, this year, as you’re firing up your barbeque and setting off your fireworks, thank God for your freedom, and maybe even think about what you could do to help a child enjoy that same liberty.


One thought on “Sincerely, Sarah: Proud to be an American”

  1. My name is “Michael” I was put up for adoption in 1975. I made the worst mistake in my life by looking for and contacting my birth Mother thru the Georgia Adoption Agency in 2009. I have not had a good life. Please, before you put your child up for adoption, research the family adopting your flesh and blood. The family who adopted me has tortured me my whole life and I do not know what having a family that loves you feels like. Thank you

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