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No matter how many times she’s embarrassed you, annoyed you, grounded you or disagreed with you, she’s the first person you want when you’re sad, hurting or proud. She’s your biggest cheerleader, and the one who will love you long after every one else has lost faith in you.


Whether your mama brought you into this world, into this country or just recently into her home, she undoubtedly holds a special place in your heart.


Since Mother’s Day was Sunday, we thought this would be a good time to honor our adoptive moms and our birth moms, so ahem. Here goes:


 To our birthmothers:

Thank you for exemplifying what’s best about mothers: selflessness. You carried us for nine long months, often in difficult circumstances, surrounded by people who weren’t supportive of you. You missed out on baby showers and nursery decorations, and tried not to think about all the moments you’d one day miss. You chose life for us, you chose family for us. You put us before you. I cannot fathom this love. Happy Mother’s Day to the mom we will rarely think about but without whom we would not be here. You gave us everything.


To our adoptive mothers:

Thank you for choosing us! You loved someone else’s child and allowed us to call you mommy. You took responsibility for us, you embraced us, and you raised us. We may not look like you or even have the same color skin, but you have lovingly taught us that family is more than blood. You have prayed for us, walked us through the loss and abandonment that coincide with adoption, and you have supported us every step of the way. You have put up with us, trained us and snuggled us when all hope was lost. Because you stepped out in faith, we have a family. You wanted us. You’re the one we run to, the one we call not our “adopted mom,” but simply “Mom.” We are yours and you are ours and we honor you, on this day and always.


Mama’s of every kind—we love you!!


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