Take a Chance on Mexico | Sincerely, Sarah.

sincerely sarah


Whenever a well-meaning individual calls the agency hoping to adopt an infant without any sort of health/psychological issue from another country, I desperately wish they understood how difficult finding this child would be.

International adoption is risky. It means you choose the unlovable, the child who has not been chosen for good reason, whether it’s because of their age, health, or emotional well-being. It means you see hope where no one else has seen hope. You see possibility where everyone else sees impossibility. It’s beautiful, really. We’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of impossible cases become possible when a family responds to God’s heart for orphans with a “Yes.” It may be a timid, quaky, yes, but it’s all God needs to launch you into the biggest adventure you’ve ever been on.

Think you might be ready to go on that adventure? Well, then let me introduce you to Open Door’s newest international adoption program. Let’s take a little journey down to the great nation of Mexico.


Mexico is a huge country with a population of a whopping 111 million people. It is made up of 31 states and the majority of its citizens speak Spanish. Approximately 60% of Mexicans are below the poverty level. That’s over half of the population. They are known for their abundant natural resources, their beautiful beaches, and I want you to know them for their children.

 There are over 1.5 million children in Mexico who do not have the love of a family. Whether their parents are deceased or simply unable to care for them, these precious children find themselves hopeless and wondering if they will ever have a way out of their seemingly hopeless circumstances. We hear things like this and our hearts are saddened, but we feel powerless to intervene. Well, I am here to empower you. You can make a difference in the life of one of these children. You can give them more than food or clothing or medical care. You can give them yourselves. I promise, you will never regret loving a child who is in desperate need to receive love.

Right now, the adoption offices in Mexico have given us information on two beautiful children who are completely available for adoption. If you’re interested, call us for more information. Share this post with your friends. Pray about how to get involved. Think about taking a chance. I will forever be grateful someone took that chance on me.




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