Agency News

Hello everyone; we hope this Friday finds you well, and ready for a great weekend. We are staying busy here at the agency with placements and dossiers and mail and paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork. However, in the midst of all the papers, it is such a blessing to hear stories of families bringing their children home. The miracle of adoption is for every day, and what greater picture of the love Jesus has for us than adoption.

Domestic News

We are currently seeking childless couples to apply for our Caucasian, Bi-Racial and Hispanic adoption programs. This does not mean we do not welcome families with children to other programs, but right now we are seeking childless couples for these programs only. Call 229-228-6339 for more information.

International News
We have just been informed by Latvia that their ministry has made a new rule that they must receive information from hosting families who want to adopt their host child/children no later than one month after the hosting program ends. If we don’t inform the ministry within this one month time frame, these children will be available to other families and countries to be adopted. Families should contact Cathy Sawyer if they are interested in adopting their host child/children so that she can inform Latvia on their behalf. She can be reached at 404-667-0694 or

Have  a great weekend and cherish your family, today and always.


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