Women's Issues

Signs you may be in an unhealthy relationship

Let’s talk relationships for a minute. After several years of doing counseling, working with teenagers in a school setting, and now working with women in unexpected pregnancy situations, I have seen a LOT of wonky relationships and it’s a topic that is so important! So here are a few signs your relationship may not be […]

For Birth Moms Normalizing Adoption

3 Things to Know About Adoption

So…you peed on a stick, huh? Sure, there are some women out there who are super excited to see those two little pink lines, but maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re frantically scrolling through Google searches on “unplanned pregnancy” or “pregnancy options” or “plan B.” If that’s you, you probably already know that you have options. […]


Our Very First Blog Post!

It’s Good Friday, and we thought it was a good Friday to start our new blog! Okay, really, this is just a good day to start and the hashtag works. The real point is…we care about the women we serve, and we want to be here for you, even before you have made decisions or […]